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Customized sports bottles, shot glasses, drink ware and Koozies are great ways to spread the word about something, celebrate or show your appreciation. Say, "I love you" by gifting a water bottle that says as much to your athletic significant other. Say "Happy 21st birthday" to a friend by giving him a personalized shot glass. These items customize and ship fast, so do not worry about ordering them months in advance. All you have to do is place an order. You can also get them in time for a big corporate event.

Potential Uses for Personalized Products
It is traditional for the bride and groom to give away a party favor at the wedding. Personalized, custom-printed Koozies are a great idea, so the bride, groom and guests can have a keepsake that is also useful. Shot glasses work as well, but may not be appropriate for all guests, as their use is strictly alcoholic.
Companies looking for an inexpensive method of promotion can brand Koozies with their logos and company names. These are great for giveaways in the office, at conventions and even for the holidays. Promotions like these help potential clients remember a company by name. Companies that sell health products or drinks can really get a boost by giving out customized sports bottles. These are very useful for athletic clients and they will see the company logo and name every time they go for a workout. In rare instances, such as with restaurants, bars and alcohol distributors, a customized shot glass can go a long way to promote as well.

Ways to Personalize Your Products
For baby showers, anniversaries, graduation parties and weddings, you may want to put a memorable photo on your selection of these customizable products. A short message with a name or quote, the date or even just a catchphrase from a favorite television show is also possible. The options are many.

Companies that want a fun promotion that is going to draw in an upbeat crowd can go with any number of funny images or sayings. Companies can put images of spokespeople on their products or even just a plain company logo for a professional approach to promotion. The point is, whatever your company chooses, it can be tailored to your needs as a business.

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